Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And we're back!

It's been a long time since my last post, and I have good reasons for my departure. Without getting too personal or going into much detail, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer around the time of my last post. Since I was one of her primary care givers, my time was best spent focused on her, so I abandoned my blog. However, I have decided to start the blog up once again - so let's get the party started!

Over the last couple weeks my sister and I have been busy getting our mom's house ready to sell. In that process I noticed her singing way too many Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake songs than any self-respecting person has the right to do. So I have been busily compiling a mix for her of some of my favorite pop songs.

A little JT and GaGa are fine in my opinion, but when the last year has produced a wealth of fantastic pop music, I feel that I must show my sister the way...and although I have been away from my blog, I have not stopped keeping notes on some of the great acts that have made this past year an amazing one for anybody who loves electronic music. Many of the artists I turned to when I decided to make a mix for my sister helped make this past year so great: Pet Shop Boys, La Roux, Kovak, Katsen and so many more.  

But for now, I want to talk about Katsen. Nobody has been waiting more impatiently than me for the release of Katsen's music, and I am happy to report that I know of at least two Katsen songs that can be purchased: 'Constellation' is featured on the 'BotPop Vol. 1' CD (also available on iTunes USA and probably iTunes UK) and 'Where Nobody Can Find Us' is on the CD 'Electronically Yours Vol. 1. My copy of EY Vol. 1 has yet to arrive, so my sister will be treated to 'Constellation' on her mix. Constellation is a great track and it has been on repeat on my iPod for the past few days.

This morning I went to Katsen's myspace page ( seeing if I could find news of a debut album release, but didn't see any news (Christopher and Donna, if you're reading, your American fans want to know when we can expect an album!) but I was treated to a host of videos that I had not yet seen. I have added here 'Let's Build a City'. The video is very creative, and both Christopher and Donna exude a fun (and even adorable if I do say so), accessible energy that helps make Katsen one of my favorite electro newcomers...they also have pictures of cats playing keyboards on their youtube page - gotta love that! 

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we love Katsen ... and that "let's build a city" vid ...
cheers and thanks
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